GS Professional oCurl Twister Curl Perfecting Wand

74.00 EUR

The GS Professional oCurl Twister Wand has a unique elliptical bar-shaped barrel that creates an edgy, almost cornered wave — as opposed to the traditional soft and delicate round ones. The unique ellipse bar-shaped barrel won’t create the soft, circular curls you’re used to — waves will instead have defined and jagged lines.

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The tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel emits negative ions that seal the cuticle, eliminate static and lock in moisture. An advanced ceramic heater ensures heat is evenly distributed across the barrel and that it's hot spot-free. The oCurl Twister Wand has a digital variable temperature control feature that let’s you quickly turn up the heat to 230°C/450°F, which you can do anywhere in the world thanks to dual voltage technology.