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GS Professional oCurl Twister Curl Perfecting Wand

Price: 74.00 EUR
The GS Professional oCurl Twister Wand has a unique elliptical bar-shaped barrel that creates an edgy, almost cornered wave — as opposed to the traditional soft and delicate round ones. The unique ellipse bar-shaped barrel won’t create the soft, circular curls you’re used to — waves will instead have defined and jagged lines.

BaByliss Pro MiraCurl

Price: 76.80 EUR
Meet the world's first automatic professional curl machine: the BaByliss Pro MiraCurl™. This innovative hairstyler automatically draws hair into the Nano Titanium™ curl chamber, where it is gently holds and heats hair from every direction in less than 12 seconds. Creating the perfect curl is effortless — no wrapping strands around a curling iron or wand, no more burns and, thankfuly, no more Band-Aids. And how do you know when the perfect curl has been created? An audio beep indicator will let you know exactly when to release your hair, taking all the guessing out of styling.