A man with a vision!

Mission statement

To elevate and revolutionize the fashion industry, with my unique designs, and right sided approach to things! This can only be achieved with hard work and dedication, which the staff at Apololo display on a daily basis! It is also a deep rooted dream of mine to supply Apololo to the world! For "Apololo is more than just a name, it's a brand above the rest"



This vision of mine started a year aback! I was sitting home tirelessly working on my laptop researching various designs, and business plans, checking out the who's who in the fashion industry, business ideas, testimonials and success stories merely for recreation at the time off course, for you see, although I am a man, I do have a love for fashion! 

And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks!

Instead of searching for an outfit made and designed by someone else, why not take a little bit of the savings I own and start up my own clothing line!

At first as you may have well have guessed, i was a bit sceptical, and doubtful! Slowly i began to realize that i was doubtful with no one else but myself! My fear of failure had temperarily consumed me and needless to say, I put the idea on pause. Hours turned into days, and days turned into months, and I still was not able to bring myself to save up enough, and to follow through with my idea! 

Until that faithful day I decided to rethink my idea! I sat there and listed all the pros and cons of this business, the potential problems I might face, along the way, i even sat there and thought about those that might even try and down play my idea, and those whom I should avoid mentioning my idea to altogether! Yes, I did put a lot of thought into this!

Then I said to myself, what's stopping me from being the next Versace?, or the next Ralph Lauren?  I then thought about what's stopping me from creating the best clothing line company in this world? 

Nothing! Nothing but my own, deep rooted, sub conscious fear of FAILURE!

And what's worst than failure? Not trying at all! For you see it is better to attempt a thing than just sit there and say you cannot, or its to much! No! That is the wrong attitude to have! I am telling you! In this business you gotto be fierce, savage even, and go for what you want! You got to look deep down in yourself and decide to commit whole heartedly to this sort of business!

Was I ready?, was my initial concern, among many others. Would I be able to handle this new responsibility! I think "Hell YEAH! Even if it was like I was bringing a baby into this world! But with the grace of The Lord I will be creating a company that would have to be nurtured and brought up into this fashion industry with the sole purpose of conqueroring other competitive baby companies! This business will sweep the nations slowly but surely, and hit the markets with a boom!

Would I be able to handle the mental pain and strain of owning a business! I think "Hell YEAH!"

Would I be able to successfully attract the RIGHT traffic to my site? I think, "HELL YEAH!"

Would I be able to walk into a meeting room and successfully negotiatate , and bring in sales? I say, " HELL YEAH!"

For all I got to fear is fear itself! And what is fear but a figment of ones imagination! Is fear tangible? Can you put fear in your bag and hold it for later?! Why hold it in your thoughts and in your heart then?!

Why not get up and be the best you can be! I did!, so can you! What's the worst that can happen!?